The Greatest Haberdasher of All Time (a fable)

Once upon a time there was a young haberdasher who heard that the guild of physicists was looking to adopt a new uniform. Being a cocky young man this haberdasher thought he was the one who could create the new guild uniform. Alas he was not a tailor. In fact he was remarkably inept at making seams secure, and the garment he fashioned tended to open gaping holes in embarrassing places if the wearer moved injudiciously. Nonetheless, the garment was quite striking if the wearer would stand in just the right way. Initially there were many who thought the look too avant guard. Those few who glimpsed the holes complacently assumed until too late that the strange new uniform would never catch on. Controversy simmered until one who favored the new uniform started the rumor that the uniform enhanced the appearance of a handsome wearer, and only ugly physicists disliked it. After that many, wanting to be thought handsome, wore the uniform and learned to move judiciously. Eventually, it became mandatory to wear the uniform to become a member of the guild. The steadfast critics of the uniform eventually died off. The young haberdasher also grew old and died, but he is revered in memory as the greatest haberdasher of all time.

What We Know

by David Bryan Wallace, Cape Coral, Florida, USA, 2016