Idealized Observation of Clocks in the Rest Frame Coordinate System

From a point at rest taken as the origin, specify six points equidistant from the origin symmetrically on each of three orthogonal axes. Seven clocks will be synchronized at the origin. One clock will remain at the origin to mediate, with the help of reflected light signals, the symmetrical movement of the other six to the points earlier specified, the moved clocks will thus remain synchronized with each other. Light signals sent between moved clocks will take the same time in each direction. If motion affects clock rate, moved clocks will not remain synchronized with the origin clock. The effect, if any, of movement on clocks will be discernible as asymmetry of timings of one way light travel between the unmoved origin clock and a moved clock and, having been discerned, will be taken into account and nullified when reckoning time from a moved or moving clock. Clocks may be returned to the origin to verify maintenance of synchroneity.

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